Shadow of the traveler with luggage at the airport.

Business Visitors’ Guide to London

Heading in from the airport on one of the Airport Transfers London for business? Here are some business visitors’ tips to the UK capital.

Many people arrive every day at the international airports of Heathrow, Stanstead and Gatwick to do business in the UK capital. Whether it’s for a short or longer visit, once they’ve arrived on the London shuttles to their conference or accommodation, things are invariably busy! As an economic and cultural hub, the city plays host to many international conferences, trade shows and other business-related events.

Getting There and Around

Visitors may choose from a variety of transport options upon arrival at any of the airports, however, London shuttles are certainly the best option for reasons of price and convenience. Information regarding the routes and daily schedules can be obtained from transport websites and private shuttle companies online. Tickets may be bought in advance or on the day of travel, depending upon individual preference. Once in the city, apart from the ubiquitous black cabs, the underground and bus systems are generally easy to navigate and fairly reliable.

Luxury Dining

Often, business lunch meetings are held very soon after travellers arrive, so it’s important to research some of the more suitable restaurants so as not to waste time. High flyers may be able to sample the gastronomy at the Dorchester or Wolsely, but for those a little more conscious of the company budget, there is any number of good quality establishments with specialised rooms or areas set aside for business meetings and small conferences. You can often request facilities like whiteboards, overhead projectors and computer equipment.

Business Conferences

There is a good range of high-quality conference venues in the capital. Many of them are equipped with state of the art business technology and spacious meeting rooms. Short visit international delegates may take London shuttles or taxis directly to the venues in preparation for conferences at the OXO2 or Guildhall, for example. These venues offer top quality service and access to rooms with magnificent views of the famous landmarks.


Business visitors who work tirelessly throughout the day may well enjoy the reward of taking in some entertainment at any of the city’s cultural venues before boarding one of the London shuttles back to the airport. There’s the option of the West EndFind Article, to take in a world-famous stage play at venues including the Lyceum or Playhouse; some may simply like to relax in one of the city’s traditional alehouses; or there may even be the option for business representatives to take up some corporate hospitality during an international sports event at Wembley.

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